BananaSlip Wet Lube


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Our state-of-the-art, multi-layered Wet Lube is a blend of biodegradable oils which penetrate all parts of the chain for a silky smooth ride.

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BananaSlip Wet Lube sticks to the surface of the chain for continued lubrication even in the harshest environments. Water and dirt quickly peel away from the surface of the chain as the lubricant strips back contaminants while you ride.

The new generation formulation is designed to stick firmly to the surface of the chain which not only reduces wear, but also increase intervals between lubricant applications to save you money. It’s also completely biodegradable with no nasty solvents, making it kind to you, the environment and your pride and joy.
Super slippery oils used within the blend make riding a breeze, while still providing the protection needed for hard environments. The perfect lubricant for riding in wet and muddy condition, both on road and off. Ideal for chain, shifters, pedals and derailleurs.

Improve Performance
Prolong Cassette Life
Increase Chain Life
Less Dirt Build Up
Smoother Ride

How to use your BananaSlip Wet Lube

Step 1: Degrease chain, chain ring and cassette thoroughly.
Step 2: Shake bottle well before application.
Step 3: Apply lubricant evenly to all parts of the chain.
Step 4: Allow to dry for 5 minutes before riding.
Step 5: Apply as needed for continuous lubrication.

Important: Avoid contact with braking components. Keep out of reach of children.

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