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Yes, the Chain Monkey is designed for use without the black domed cap in place. Remove this for use and place back onto the Chain Monkey for storage, this will keep the domed nut clean for your next use.

The motorcycle Chain Monkey is designed for use on all current road and off-road production motorcycles. It is fully adjustable to take into consideration settings from 3mm to 90mm.

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The best place to look for your correct chain tension setting is your manufacture handbook, or by ringing the dealer directly. Unfortunately, Tru Tension does not hold this information.

Monkey Juice has been specially formulated to be fully biodegradable and provides a safe, market leading cleaning quality on all parts of your bike. However, we do recommend our other products; Brake Cleaner and PrimeShine Chain Cleaner for a deeper clean of those respective components.

The Laser Monkey uses 2x LR41 batteries.

The Laser Monkey can also be used underneath the swingarm attached to the sprocket, with the laser pointed at the lower section of the chain.


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