PrimeShine TT78 Multi-Use Spray 500ml


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The ultimate cleaning and lubricating spray for motorcycles

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TT78 is the all in one spray explicitly designed to clean and protect motorcycle parts while leaving a high gloss finish. Designed specifically for motorcycles, TT78 is perfect for cleaning and lubricating nearly all parts of the motorcycle while providing a moisture repellent and rust preventative layer.

Repels Moisture
Perfect for Cleaning Surfaces
Protective Gloss Layer
Protects Against Rust
Lubricates Stiff Components

How to use your TT78 Multi-Use

Step 1: Place the bike onto a stand of your choice and ensure it is secure.
Step 2: Apply to desired surfaces and components that need freeing.
Step 3: Wipe away using a clean cloth to leave a shine finish.

Note: Do not spray onto tyre treads or brake components.

Top Grain Overlay

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