Our industry-leading PrimeShine Bodywork Foam Cleaner is kryptonite for flies. Originally created for lifting dirt and polishing motorcycles on the fly (no pun intended), the product also excels at lifting away insects that have met an unfortunate end on the front of a car, motorcycle or helmet visor.

In general, the foam cleaner should be applied and left for 30 seconds, allowing time for flies, grit and other tough to move grime to lift from the bodywork, before wiping away.

Here’s some additional guidance for motorcyclists looking to restore their helmet back to its shiny glory, before you blasted through those country roads and collected 1.2 billion flies.

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Cleaning flies off motorcycle helmet with PrimeShine

Step 1: Place your helmet safely and securely on a steady platform, like a workbench. Placing a towel down first can also help to prevent scratches and pick up any excess spray.

Step 2: Ensure the helmet’s visor and all vents are closed, even the sneaky ones near the chin and rear of the helmet. AGV models in particular have vents that can actually be closed, but they don’t look it. Check the manual your helmet came with, or if you’ve lost it, check out YouTube.

Step 3: Generously apply the PrimeShine Bodywork Foam Cleaner to the front of the helmet and wait for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Pick up the helmet and wipe with your free hand, using a non-abrasive microfibre cloth. If you drop the cloth at any point, throw it away and use a new one. A cloth that has touched the floor will pick up small pieces of grit, which you may accidentally rub across your visor.

Step 5: Generously apply the PrimeShine Bodywork Foam Cleaner to the back of the helmet and wait for 30 seconds, before wiping away.

Step 6: You may also wish to remove your visor and clean the inside of it using a glass or window cleaner.

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