At some point when out riding, you’ll begin to notice that your motorcycle takes longer to do what it used to. Maybe it’s a little slower coming to a stop, or perhaps you need to put more effort in when wheeling about or parking. This might indicate that it’s time to give your brakes a clean.

Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your bike and therefore require consistent maintenance. Luckily, cleaning them is quite easy, and today our crack Tru-Tension team are here to provide you with a comprehensive overview on the process.

Why Keeping Your Brakes Clean is So Important

Like most machine components, motorcycle brakes become less responsive through wear and tear. As they accrue dirt, dust, and other residue during use, you will begin to notice their decreasing efficiency. It’s important to pay attention to your bike this way, as you won’t be able to see the extent of the residue build-up without taking it apart and looking inside.

Every time you press down on the brake lever, it releases the master cylinder which pumps brake fluid down the brake lines and into the calipers. As a result, the pistons are driven from the calipers, pressing the brake pads up against the brake disc. This is what brings your bike to a stop. However, during that process, a lot of dust gets clogged in the confines of this system – particularly in the calipers. Over time, this buildup can result in seized pistons, which impacts your ability to brake.

This is why brake cleaning is often neglected by motorcycle riders – your bike might look fine on the outside, but the inside might need serious attention. By regularly checking and cleaning your brakes, you will improve your braking performance and increase the longevity of your brakes. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will ensure you have the safest riding experience possible, which is the most important thing.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Brakes?

As ever, the answer here depends on where and how you’re riding your motorcycle. If you’re regularly using it on hilly or dusty terrain, then you will have to clean your brakes a lot more often than if you’re only using it on flat urban roads. Generally speaking, we recommend cleaning your brakes every 5000-6000 miles or so. It should also be noted that motorcycle brakes deteriorate through lack of use. So, if you tend to leave your bike in the garage throughout the winter, be sure to give it a thorough clean before taking it out on the road again.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need is a can of brake cleaner – perhaps two if your bike has accrued a lot of muck, has been unused for a long time, or if you simply like to be thorough when cleaning. Next, you will need a clean cloth to wipe away the residue after you have sprayed it. You might also want a brush to help you dislodge more resilient grime and tackle those harder to reach areas. Lastly, you will of course need the required tools to remove your pads and calipers.

How Best to Clean Your Brakes

Now that you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to start cleaning. Be aware that during the cleaning process, you will likely make a mess on the ground around your bike. We highly suggest doing so in a well-ventilated garage with your bike securely in a stand of your choice, and a bucket of hot soapy water nearby to clean up any of the grime that spills onto the floor.

Carefully remove each of the brake components and spray them liberally with the cleaner. Once sprayed, wipe the components with your cloth. The dirt should come right off, but there may be tougher build-up that requires a wire brush. You could also wrap the cloth around your finger and rub the components clean that way too.

That’s it! You’ve cleaned your motorcycle brakes. All that’s left is to put everything back together and make sure to test that the brakes are working properly before riding again.

Optimal Braking Performance with Tru-Tension

When it comes to the health of your brakes, our PrimeShine Motorcycle Brake Cleaner has all of your needs covered. This specially-formulated, quick-drying spray offers bikers a simple, one-stop-shop for the cleaning of their brakes, able to be used on all braking components and remove any kind of residue. Whether dirt, oil, carbon, or dust, the PrimeShine Motorcycle Brake Cleaner will make short work of it all – simply apply the spray to the brake components and wipe away the build-up with a clean cloth. That’s it – you’re good to go and your brakes have a new lease of life.

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