So, you’re going on a motorcycle tour and want to know what to pack. Don’t worry, Tru-Tension has you covered! Taking the time to prepare effectively will allow you to focus on enjoying your trip whilst you’re on it. That’s why today, our team have put together the Ultimate Motorcycle Touring Checklist!

Tank Bag

When it comes to storage, tank bags are a brilliant place to start. While the bulk of your stuff will be packed away at the rear of your bike (in tail bags, saddlebags, trunks, and other such luggage containers), the tank bag sits right in front of you, strapped to the top of your gas tank. This compact soft bag doesn’t hinder your vision when riding, and in fact comes in very handy during long trips due to its easy access.

The tank bag is ideal for small items that you want on hand while sat on your bike. Naturally, you will be concentrating on the road, but during quick stops (for instance, waiting at a red light or stuck in traffic) you can quickly grab a snack, a drink, or some medicine. If you are going through a toll booth, you can easily grab your wallet. Some tank bags will even feature transparent pouches facing the rider, so that you can view your phone or Sat Nav. Whether it’s earplugs, cash, snacks, spare gloves, suntan lotion, maps, or face shield cleaner, the tank bag is ideal for small items that you want to be able to access quickly.

A Two-Piece Rainsuit

Expect the unexpected and pack a rainsuit. If there’s one thing that’s sure to ruin your trip it’s being caught in a cold rain with no protection. To ensure that your body is kept warm, and your handling of the bike isn’t impacted by the slippery conditions, invest in a set of waterproof clothing – including everything from gloves to boots. We also highly recommend getting a rainsuit with bright, high-visibility colours so that other drivers can easily spot you on the road in the event of heavy rainfall.

The Right Gloves for the Right Weather

We recommend bringing a pair of gloves for hot weather and a pair for rainy weather, with the former being thin and perforated and the latter being insulated and waterproof. Gloves are an easy thing to lose, so it never hurts to have an extra pair on hand – something your tank bag is ideally suited to hold.

A Mounted Go-Pro or Video Camera

A great way to capture your trip for social media, a home movie, or future enjoyment is to invest in a helmet or bike mounted video camera. These days you can pick up a lightweight camera with high resolution for a very reasonable price, allowing you to take HD photos and videos to get creative with once your trip is over.

Portable Air Compressor

A small, easy-to-pack air compressor is an absolute must for riders going on long tours – especially if you plan on doing an off-road activity. In the event of a flat tire, a quality air compressor can quickly reinflate it by connecting right into your battery.

The Right Documents

This one depends on where you’re going exactly. If you’re touring abroad, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t leave without your passport, driving license, and motorcycle insurance certificate. Although different countries and principalities will have their own rules, you may require proof of vaccination (such as an NHS Covid-Pass) as well as any other related items, such as a face mask.

Chain-Tension & Lube

To quickly set your drive chain at a moment’s notice, we recommend the Chain Monkey – the world’s first chain-tensioning tool. With little knowledge, time, or effort required, riders can optimise their bike’s performance on-the-go with this simple, easy-to-use tool. By tensioning your chain correctly, you can be sure of a smooth ride during your tour.

Another item you won’t want to leave home without is a reliable chain lube. This will be especially important for those of you touring in dusty climates or doing some off-road biking. Luckily, we have just the product you need. Tru-Tension’s BananaSlip Chain Lube is ideal for riders on long trips, due to the fast-acting nature of its spray. Simply apply it to all parts of the moving chain and a thin, transparent layer of lubrication will have it looking brand new within minutes!

Bluetooth Helmet Communicators

A wireless sound system is a perfect addition to a long ride. A set of Bluetooth helmet speakers will allow you to chat to fellow riders, listen to music, or better hear the directions of your Sat Nav.

Quality Motorcycle Products with Tru-Tension

At Tru-Tension, we live and breathe bikes. Our business model is built on a commitment to providing riders with durable, innovative products at affordable prices. Our aforementioned Chain Monkey is only $54.99, for which you receive a high-quality tensioning tool that any rider can use. You won’t find anything like this patented product anywhere else on the market!

For more information on our diverse range of motorcycle accessories, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.