For many motorcyclists, touring around Europe on their bike is a lifelong dream. From weekend breaks to month-long adventures, Europe is the perfect playground for riding your motorcycle.

Whether you join an organised tour or embark on your own expedition, making sure you’re prepared for the journey ahead will help you get the most out of your time in Europe.

We delve into some useful tips for riding your motorcycle in Europe below.

Checklist for Riding Your Motorbike Abroad in Europe

Planning Your Trip

The first step to getting the most out of a motorbike trip to Europe is to plan well ahead of time. You’ll want to think carefully about your route and what countries you’ll be visiting. This may impact what you need to bring. For example, in some countries, it is mandatory to ride with a first aid kit in your belongings.

Mapping out fuel stops, accommodation, toilet breaks and places to eat can mean that your trip feels well organised and you can relax and enjoy the scenery instead of worrying about when you’ll find time for another toilet break.

If you’re reliant on your phone, making sure you have back-up chargers is also worthwhile, in case your battery dies, and you’re suddenly lost.

Planning your route carefully also means you can avoid toll roads or busy motorways. Depending on the type of riding you prefer, you can ensure the route you pick will be enjoyable and what you’re looking for.

You may just want to rent a motorcycle, but if you intend on taking your own, you’ll want to book yourself on the ferry to get your bike to mainland Europe.

Country Specific Regulations

Different countries will have their own rules and regulations around speeding and motorcycles in general. Understanding speed limits and other regulations will ensure you don’t end up with hefty fines or getting your vehicle clamped.

It’s also worth doing research around parking for anywhere you’re stopping off. Some areas may have relatively expensive parking, while in other areas you may be able to leave your bike parked up for free.

If you’re from the UK, you’ll need a full motorcycle license to ride in any country in Europe. Any bike you ride abroad should also reflect the type of license you own.


You’ll need to have the right sort of cover for your trip around Europe. This may mean upgrading your insurance policy or buying a separate policy for the trip.

Always read the small print and ensure you feel confident in what the cover provides and what the steps are for claiming anything from the insurance.

As well as motorcycle insurance, you’ll also want to ensure you’ve got health cover too.


Once you’ve planned your journey, having a sat-nav or Google Maps to help direct you through busy towns or remote countryside will help avoid getting lost. Particularly if you don’t speak the language, knowing where to turn, and having your journey progress in front of you will help you relax and enjoy the journey.

Understand the Conditions

Your route and the overall conditions will impact what you need to have with you. Understanding the expected road conditions, the weather and other riding factors, are all important to know beforehand so you can plan and prepare yourself.

The weather and road conditions can change quickly in Europe so being prepared for the worst will ensure you don’t get caught out.

Servicing Your Bike

If you do bring your own bike, make sure it is fully serviced and ready for the adventure that awaits. Breaking down during your trip could impact the rest of the journey, especially if you’re with other people.

Get your bike serviced and make sure you are confident in performing all necessary checks including changing tyres and cables.

Knowing where to get your bike serviced or where you can pick up motorcycle parts during your journey is also a wise idea.

Motorcycle Gear

Last but not least, remember to bring all important motorcycle gear to combat roadside repairs, tasks and maintenance. In some countries, items like a breathalyser are a legal requirement. Similarly, Hi-Visibility jackets and spare bulbs are also worth bringing.

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