Looking for a reliable chain alignment tool to add to your motorcycle maintenance kit? Here we’ve provided all the information you need to know about our Laser Monkey, an innovative tool designed to ensure precise and quick setting of the drive wheel for both chain and belt driven motorcycles, of any make and model, and regardless of sprocket or pulley material.

What is the Laser Monkey?

Tru-Tension’s Laser Monkey is a unique motorcycle chain alignment tool favoured by motorcyclists all over the world. It uses the sprocket or pulley of the motorcycle to send a laser directly down the centre of the chain or belt, enabling riders to make sure their bike’s rear wheel is effectively aligned in a matter of moments.

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Benefits of the Laser Monkey

Improve accuracy

Adjusting the wheel on the swingarm is often extremely inaccurate as most swing arms are constructed using fabricated components. The Laser Monkey however ensures unrivalled accuracy, as a laser is sent directly down the centre of the chain or belt, enabling precise alignment.

Save time

Poor road conditions, hitting an object (such as a nasty pothole) and excessive tyre wear are just a few examples of how rear wheels can become misaligned, and manually adjusting this each time can be incredibly time-consuming.

Optimised handling and performance

Aligning your chain using the Laser Monkey helps to improve your motorcycle’s handling characteristics and optimise power delivery. Those who ride without their drivechain properly aligned have less control of the bike at high speeds.

Extend the life of your chain and sprockets

Accurate alignment of the wheel helps to prolong the life of moving components by minimising wear, primarily the chain and sprockets.

Suitable for all bikes

It doesn’t matter what make or model your bike is or whether it’s chain or belt-driven, the Laser Monkey provides accurate alignment on all motorcycles.

Easy to use

Laser Monkey’s revolutionary, patented and simple design makes it easy for new riders and experienced mechanics alike to effectively use.

Compact design

The Laser Monkey’s compact design means it’s small enough to be carried with you on your bike.

How to use the Laser Monkey and align your motorcycle’s chain

Step 1: Adjust the arms of the Laser Monkey outwards. Pass the tool over the chain and tighten onto the sprocket or pulley.

Step 2: Turn the laser on and face towards the closet part of the chain or belt. Ensure the laser is centralised.

Step 3: Point the laser at the furthest visible part of the chain or belt by the engine. This will now show whether your wheel is correctly aligned.

Step 4: To adjust your wheel alignment, undo your axel nuts and adjust your wheel via the bolts provided on the swingarm until the laser is showing on the centre of the furthest visible point of the belt or chain. At this point, make sure your chain or belt is correctly tensioned using a Chain Monkey or Belt Monkey.

Laser Monkey reviews

Read what our customers say about our motorcycle chain alignment tool on Amazon and Halfords Reviews…

“Well that made things much easier! Bought one of these the other day after being fed up with my swingarm markers being so far out. Popped it onto the sprocket and it made things so much faster! I’ve also been able to use it on my belt driven Harley which is a bonus” – PaulSkip

“Amazing. Couldn’t be happier, does what it says on the tin. Takes all the guesswork and faff out of aligning the chain, in conjunction with the chain monkey you simply cannot go wrong. Brilliant product”. – Thehairybikerreturns

“Love it! Great idea, makes the lining up the wheel soo much easier and faster” – Suddsy

“Great bit of kit. Together with the chain monkey makes adjusting the chain on my 2009 GSXR-1000 literally a 30 sec job, and no guess work!” – Rob

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