Your chain’s condition is pivotal to the overall health and performance of your motorcycle. Research has shown that the average motorcycle puts a similar amount of power to the rear wheel as that of a small car, so failure to look after your chain can be detrimental to the optimal safety and performance of your bike.

Chain lubrication is therefore a must-have for all motorcyclists. It provides long lasting protection against water, dirt and a range of other harsh elements, and optimises the performance and efficiency of your bike.

To help explain a little more about chain lubrication and why you need it, here we’ve put together this handy little guide explaining everything you need to know.

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Why Do You Need to Lubricate Your Motorcycle?

Many riders overlook the importance of their chain and perhaps spend more of their time caring for other key components of their bike, such as their brakes or tyres. However, you need to remember that without your chain, you can’t ride – your bike isn’t able to move without a functioning chain, and if it’s ignored or not cared for correctly, you can eventually expect it to fail and inflict damage to other areas of your motorcycle.

Chain lube helps to ensure your bike operates smoothly all-year round. Below we’ve listed some of the main benefits of chain lube and explained why you need to be frequently utilising it –

  • Prolong chain life – A dry chain that causes metal on metal friction wears significantly quicker than one that isn’t lubricated.
  • Save money – Ensuring your chain is kept in good condition will mean that you’re not required to replace it as often, saving you money in the long-term.
  • Protected from environmental conditions – Lubrication protects your chain from dirt, grit, snow, sand and many other elements which are known for causing your chain to rust and corrode.
  • Reduce chain noise – If you notice your chain has started to become noisier, then it’s probably because your chain hasn’t been correctly lubricated or adjusted. Clean, lubricated chains that are set to the correct tension are much quieter.
  • Better shifting – A dry chain can cause bad shifting, making your bike slower and perform at a reduced efficiency.

It doesn’t matter whether you own an older bike, or have a newer, more modern machine, lubrication should be an essential part of your maintenance kit.

Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

Here at Tru-Tension we’re passionate about helping riders look after their beloved possessions, which is why we’ve created a variety of high-quality products to make motorcycle maintenance easy but precise.

Our specifically formulated BananaSlip Chain Lube and Chain Wax provide the industry-leading lubrication for motorcyclists and mechanics alike. The Chain Lube has been designed to perform exceptionally well under intense use such as street, track or race riding, utilising an anti-fling film upon application. The Chain Wax is ideal for chains that will experience prolonged cycles in all weather conditions, such as touring, sports touring, commuting and off-road riding.

Both lubricants are reliable, easy-to-use and favoured by many motorcyclists all over the world. What’s more, they also leave a fresh banana-flavoured scent!

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How to Apply Motorcycle Chain Lube

Here’s a step by step guide on how to effectively apply our BananaSlip chain lubricants –

  1. Place the bike onto a stand to allow the rear wheel to be rotated by hand.
  2. We recommend that you clean your chain before application to remove any existing dirt and grime that may be present from riding, ensuring complete chain protection and performance.
  3. To apply, spray the chain lube directly onto the chain links, ensuring you cover all surfaces while rotating the rear wheel (the nozzle has been designed for easy and precise application, ensuring you only apply where you need it). The chain lube is initially thin when applied, allowing the lube to penetrate into all parts of the chain for optimum coverage, before quickly drying to leave a thicker protective layer which also prevents fling-off during use.
  4. Your bike will be ready to use within moments.

Motorcycle Chain Lube Review

Our BananaSlip Chain Lube is extremely popular with riders across the globe – see what they’ve said below –

“I have been using this BananaSlip lube from Tru-Tension and I have been quite impresses. It has performed well in all weathers in a variety of scenarios, only requiring a quick top-up during my bike’s weekly wash. As well as keeping my chain safe, the spray is relatively discreet, spraying on in a clear formula and leaving behind no unsightly waxy finish, or residue. As an added twist, it is also banana scented which – whilst being quite pungent – genuinely smells like the desired fruit.” – MCN

“This product is absolutely fantastic stuff! I use it weekly and it’s so easy to apply. Will be buying again.” – Amazon customer

“This is a great product for motorbike chains.” – Amazon customer

“I won’t buy anything else now I’ve tried BananaSlip. And definitely never take the bike out without a quick spray. Best of all it doesn’t clump and fling or cover the rear wheel in black tar like every other chain lube I have tried. And the banana smell is awesome, thumbs up.” – Amazon customer

Buy Motorcycle Chain Lube

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